Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adobe Reader, Acrobat have a PDF lenght limit for large image formats–CorelDRAW does not

Adobe Reader, Acrobat have a PDF lenght limit for large image formats. In contrast to other viewers and programs such as CorelDRAW from Corel. Why is that?

If this isn't the fact then I may be misinformed. But if I am not, then you better use CorelDRAW if you are a sign maker or someone making large size image formats for billboards and signs displayed outdoors or your PDF viewer. CorelDRAW and CorelDESIGNER have always been well respected and widely used by sign makers in many countries around. Allthough commonly it is not refered to in some media.

This very topic came up in a discussion forum where Alan Drury at in the UK/England and working as a sign maker, have encounter this very fact. He created in CorelDRAW X5 a digital banner size 6 x 0.5 meters (around 200 inches, CS5 apparently have a limit around 220 inches) . But noticed that while CorelDRAW, program of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite , can easily both create and read/view huge sizes in inches and meters, he couldnt use viewers from Adobe. So he had to use another program for viewing.

But again why is that limit there?

One reason may be that Adobe Illustrator and Adobe In design can not create and handle such large size documents/images. And if this is true its probably just another situation where Adobe is as always mostly adobe centric.

If you use readers, viewers from other companies then you are fine.

So, if you are using a software such as CorelDRAW and CorelDESIGNER that you can create LARGE images and Documents with, the go ahead and Publish the file to PDF and open the files in other companies programs such as RasterLink 5 (Minimak´s RIP) or CutePDF  or Foxit Reader.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design & art


Anonymous said...

AFAIk, you are mistaken. Up to version PDF 1.4, the limit was 200". Since version 1.6 or 1.7, (sorry, not sure) there is a way to create PDFs larger than 200". I have a program that can create PDFs larger than 200", and Readers 9 and X can read them.

Incompatibilities between PDF-readers/creators for files above 200" originate in the non-standard ways some companies have chosen to break the 200"-barrier, and how long they stick to their way of doing it, instead of reverting to the standard way - i.e., Adobe's+ISO - of doing it. But again, AFAIK.

Stefan LIndblad said...

Thank you for the comment.
I wouldnt sayu I was totally misstaken, the limit was there and now you say its been improved. Then great!
Thanks for sharing the imporovement.