Friday, June 24, 2011

Tourist, visiting Stockholm, SWEDEN? Hotel in Stockholm Enskede?

A hotel I see several times a week when I go shopping is Maud's Hotel in Enskede in Stockholm, SWEDEN. It's near where I live and buy food. It takes me about 2 minutes by bike and 10 to walk to the ICA food store, where Maud's hotel is located opposite of the green lush roundabout

Had I searched hotels I had looked at this particular hotel. And I see tourists from other countries in the region. “Enskede Gård” and the surrounding area is a green residential area with a special story. Quiet nice residential area with excellent travel communications of any big mayor city. Subway, bus and car if you come with it. And so bike and walking of course. In the very near there are local restaurants of both the simple but pleasant variety. Everything from Thai "Sockenplans thai" to Swedish food at Enskede Inn – “ Enskede Värdshus.



Can recommend the little Thai kiosk for take away and the simple outdoor eating in the summer behind the ICA. Close to the local sports club facilities, football – simply excellent thai food! Behind a forested area beyond the ICA's Enskede stadium and with a view to glimpse of the grand Globe arena, and Globen Shopping mall and the City limits close by. And the new Stockholm Football/Soccer arena. Bike into towns largest island “ Södermalm “ takes 15-20 minutes at a leisurely pace. Speed ​​takes you there in 50-10. If you choose to walk a bit, about 10 minutes and goes along lush forest trails in very  sharming, residential area or one of the main roads, you can quickly get to Enskede Riding centers, Ridsällskap. An old horse riding school with both older and modern buildings. At the edge and part of a very green lush park with allotments where people plant their food and flowers and what have you. Typical for Stockholm. A nice little wild-ish park.  In the park is the old private house that named the whole area to “Enskede Gård”. All worth a look if you still live near Maud's hotel. And great areas to run in. If you bring a dog, consider the leash when many of the areas have dogs or maybe someone who is riding their horse from the riding school. Moreover Enskede racket hall where among other things can play tennis indoors and outdoors and badminton, squash, gym etc.

And bakeries. A bakery with a café within nice walking distance. The one a bit further away is called the Old Enskede Bakery. 10- 15 minutes walk from Maud's hotel - if you know the road. On the way to the World Hertitage Cemetary “Skogskyrkogården”. A pleasant walk through the old houses, “Villa city” as its called in Swedish (translation) with lush green and nice private gardens to go with them. Here is a Map with Street View. Old picture but it works. Another café closr to the Mauds hotel but not as charming spot is Gateau BAKERY SHOP & CAFÉ. Street View Expensive, but good bread. The least charming spot in Enskede Gård – “Sockenplan” roundabout, it is a transit spot.

Close, next door to the “Skogskyrkogården World Heritage” is another quaint, tiny café & bakery “Enskede Bakgård”. 15-30 minutes walk with outdoor seetings, and entrance behind the house is this “Bakgården”, street view, take the main road/street called “Sockenvägen” from the Sockenplan roundabout and you are there in 15-30 depending on your walking speed. A nice spot before or after the visit to the world heritage site.

This year, 2011, is still the ongoing pirate exhibition, "Who is Pirate" at the Maritime Museum “ Sjöhistoriska Museet “. Large scale illustrations I made, illustrated, which are an important part of the exhibition. The “historial part”.


Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator , graphic designer & artist – who lives in Enskede.

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