Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Change operating system on regular mobile phones and smartphones - not an option

Why are we not given the opportunity to change operating systems on mobile phones and the new smartphones. Me for example I dont fancy the touchscreens on smartphones for typing. I like to press buttons, and keyboards in general have always been important to me when buying a laptop, in addition to all other important parts that make up a computer.

Nokia has always offered keyboard with buttons, as long as I can remember anyway. At the same time when I look at the phones with a keyboard that Nokia sells it's the Symbian operating system and I am not particularly interested in that. This fact alone, the Symbian operating system, keeps me away from buying a Nokia with a keyboard right now.

If in the future I buy a mobile smartphone with Android operating system, it's the same thing - I can not switch to Symbian or Windows mobile or the future operating system whe havent heard of today.

I like choices but the mobile phone market refuse  to give me this option. Maybe they never thought of this opportunity to begin with. Maybe its some sort of logistics or other reason behind it. Maybe they sell enough phones anyway. But to me when I look at that Nokia phone with a proper keyboard and I read “Symbian”, I go no, no.

This is particularily boring considering they now have a new CEO who have close connections with Microsoft and they apparently now work together in some sort of constellation.

Stefan Lindblad
illustration, graphic design & art

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