Sunday, October 30, 2011

A master and disciple caring for each others

In sports like football 30 years of age is considered old. Which it of course is not. Its very much relative one could say.

My fellow Swede, the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic is now 30. I hope he will continue playing for at least 5 years more. That way we who loves his art on the pitch will be able to see him play and paint his art in Brazil, would Sweden qualify for the World Championship of Football. Passion, artistry, tactics and brilliance are just a few words that perfectly fit the beautiful game of football, and great players who personify just that, should play in Brazil.

I read this morning an article, written by Jennifer Wegerup, in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet the sports pages, about him and the game between Roma – Ac Milan. A game Ibrahimovic, Ibra, scored two goals, header.

A beautiful, poetic and symbolic picture accompany the article. A picture showing Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva (from Brazil).

If you like to see this poetic picure, and the image is, and full of stories being told, clic this link.

Its Zlatan Ibrahimovic after the game leaning down recuparating from the game just played and Thiago Silva coming with a helping hand.

Brothers in arms. Master and disciple, Two collegues. Two friends. Two who care for each others.


As the game.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design & art

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