Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still an Adobe Photoshop user? – think again & maybe go elsewhere

Today I read an article by Photoshop guru extraordinair Scott Kelby. An open letter to Adobe critizising them and asking them to rethink their new upgrade policy.

I am a happy non-adobe user. I use CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint as part of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Whie CorelDRAW is the leader in vector graphics for many around the world, Photo-Paint is highly professional but still a bit after Adobe Photoshop in Photo editing. But for me as an illustrator Photo-Paint is not behind. It really depends on what you work with and how you accomplish the end results.

The article again. If you currently own Adobe CS4 or lower versions, you will not be eligable to upgrade to the new upcoming Adobe CS6. You will have to, forced to, first upgrade to CS5.5 before 31 december this year, 2011, or you will have to pay a full price to upgrade to CS6.

Do you still love Adobe?

As Scott Kelby writes, you dont buy a program because you love it, but because you work with it. At the same time, you dont buy programs if you really dont like the company – unless you HAVE to do it due to not having any choice.

Now in our world choices do excist. Some of them you pay for and some comes absolutly free of charge. An ordinary users, not as fancy fussy 48 bit photographer like Scott Kelby, would be more than overwhelmed of joy on what they can accomplish with the Adobe competition, if they only knew. Useally though they are hooked and manipulated by media who constantly only write about Adobe Products, basically as the only choice worth it out there. And you have to ask yourself why they portait it as such.

Choices I come to think about right now is listed below. Whatever you choose, think agin if its Adobe you are gonna buy or alreay have because their upgrade policy just changed, and its gonna drain your bank account once more.

+ Photo-Paint, part of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

+ Paint Shop Pro, Corel.

+ Gimp


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design, layout and art.


Grant1 said...

I agree 100%

I haven't touched anything Adobe for about three years now, couldn't be happier. That's not to say that I trust Corel any more than Adobe....I think it's a mistake to blindly trust any company. But if I go to a job, I tell them I'll use either Corel or GIMP/Inkscape...but not Adobe. Their choice.

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

I dont trust just one company either. It depends of course on what I am up to accomplish. But I have to admit that 99% of all the work I do using Computer Graphics software is done using CorelDARW or Corel Photo-Paint. The last 1% I have no idea which or what I used instead.

Now I am my own boss as illustrator and graphic designer etcetra so my clients just ask me to create and deliver, not asking generally which program I use. Its more I who ask them, so I know how they like the final product delivered.

Thanks for posting Grant.

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

And of course my clients may send me files and images they themselves or others created using Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape and so forth - and here comes the a huge difference between Corel and Adobe. Adobe is very limited on how many external file formats they can open/place, Generally just their own file formats. While Corel on the other hand can open/place/import most file formats worth working with.

And save to, export to SEVERAL external file formats, such as Adobe file formats and other company/software formats.

In this Corel Rocks!
Not about love, just a fact.