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Zlatan Ibrahimovic book

Where to buy, please scroll down

Edit. 2012-02-19
Now in ENGLISH, I am Zlatan, the autobigraphy.

The book is now available in English as an App for IPAD on Appstore and maybe Android/windows in the future.

Edit: At this time the book is in Swedish language and translated & published into Italian and Norwegian. More languages are planned.
Edit: 2011-11-11
Today got an email from the Swedish Publisher that they are selling the book,translating, to languages and countries as much as they can.

The demand for the book worldwide is obvious. When I look in the visitor statistics on this blogpost its from literally all corners of the world. And the numbers of of people looking for the book are simply many. I will try to keep it updated as to which languages and where you can order/buy it online.

I found that many who look for the book by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, co-written by David Lagercrantz, arrive at my blog,and both my blogs in swedish and english language version. Therefore as a helping hand, here a few links to legitimate online bookstores.

Edit: The book published in Sweden have been sold in pre-sales first edition 100 000 copies and are now sold out in Sweden. Another 100 000 copies are urgently being printed by the Publisher in Sweden, Albert Bonnier Publishing House. I have no figures of sales in Italy and Norway at this time, which are the other two countries translated into, published  and sold simultainous with Sweden.

The book at this time have been written in swedish and translated to italian and norwegian. More languages are being translated into acccording to some press in Sweden. In swedish language, these online stores are recomnded.


I have read a few comments, and reactions, by readers of articles in newspapers online, about the statements from the book. Among them are obvioulsy supporters of Barcelona. And there are those who feel obliged to support Pep Guardiola.
When I read those who hit back on Zlatan Ibrahimovic words of dissapointments, I am in no way surprised over that a human being can feel this way, the way Zlatan writes about his situation in Barca. Its normal. Havent we all had a boss at work or client presently we simply dont like? And who we feel misstreated us in some way? Yes we have. The difference is that Ibrahimovic at this time tells the story how he felt at that time. Not how it is today. But how it was at that time. A biography is a biography of the past, not the present.
In any case I can fully understand a man who feel he is misstreated and therefore feel anger. Some people keep their fist in their jeans pockets and keep quite – Zlatan didint.
What would have happened if he had stayed at Bercelona?
He would probably be sitting on the bench just like Thierry Henry did and destroying his career. Instead he arrived at AC Milan and again won the league title. Which he have done 8-9 years in a row. Personally I never understood why Zlatan had to go to Barcelona, nor any other player for that matter. Simply because no matter how great I feel Ibrahimovis is, the competition is to high. He most certainly is more than good enough to take a place in the squade. He didnt play the whole season due to injuries and Guardiola, he missed a lot of games – and he still was the second best goal scorer in Barcelona.
Look at where Thierry Henry is playing now – MLS, USA. Thierry Henry was a fabulous player when arrived at Barca, but then came Guardiola.
And not only Zlatan have complained over how they have been treated by Guardialo. Bojan Krick now in ROMA, Italy have spoken out about it. Yaya Touré and of course T. Henry.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist /


Anonymous said...

Illustrator, graphic designer & artist but actually not a football supporter as you do not have idea about Thierry Henry time at Barça. He arrived in 2007 (30 years old) and let down everybody in Spain in his first season as everybody here had higher expectations about him. Then Guardiola arrived in 2008 and helped him to play the best season at Barça and also tried to help him to keep it up for the next one but his performances in 2009-2010 were too low and Pedro got his place. That's all what happened until he left for New York as his career was already going down...

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Hi Anonymous,

Useally I dont allow comments from those who are anonymous. But today made a rare exception.

Why do you begin ny insulting me saying I am no football supporter? Why starting to be insulting at all? If you like to be insulting then comment on Sport or any other spanish newspaper.

Thierry Henry have voiced his thoughts on how he felt about his time in Barcelona, as have Bojan K. now playing in Roma. And Touré have voiced his thoughts and feelings as well on how he was treated by Mister. Touré now playing in City.

If you read what I wrote you would see that was what I wrote.

I did not call Barcelona as a team anything bad.

So instead of telling me I have no idea, instead read what I wrote.

Okidoki? :-)

And why being anonymous? FBI, KGB etcetera wont haunt you for knowing you are a Barcelona supporter will they ;-)

Thank you for commenting.

Alfredo Crespo said...

Mr. Stefan Linblad im dying to read this biography, just tell me where can I find it ( i've tried bookstores in canada and ibooks) none of them have it. Please reply to me and I hope you diserve some credit for this biography, I have read that is a genious piece and I hope that people finally will hear the other side of the story. Regards and best of luck

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Hello Mr. Alfredo Crespo,

I believe the book will eventually be available in english language. When I dont know, but eventually. As of today it is in Swedish, Italian and Norwegian.

The swedish papers wrote the other day that it shortly is coming in english.

It actually just came out the other day. 2 days ago. And the hype before two days ago have been massive.

Keep a look out for it at Amazon.

I will continue to list where to buy the book in this thread, blog post.

As you can see I have right now listed book stores, online book stores in Sweden and Italy.

Have an eye out for it on Amamzon.
And have a look out on my blog post. As soon I know something I will list it here.

Smith said...

Does he have anything to say about Mancini?

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...


Yes he does, It aint so bad. The book actually is more than just a shoot from the hip kind of book.

Anonymous said...

When will the english book be published ?,, thnx

Marko said...

i want a book in english at least please

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...


In my text I wrote that the publisher have said it might come an english version, but no official date.

OBSERVE, please, I am NOT working at or for the publisher.

Any question in that matter will have to be put to the publisher.

Steve Amoia said...
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Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Hi Steve Amoia,

Thank you back.

I had to remove the post from you due to the translation of the book into english from italian. I did not whant the Swedish Publsher after me for supplying a link to it on the blog. It can very sensitive such things. Hope you understand.



Hi Stefan,

I'm a big fan of Ibra he's a legend. I can't wait to read this book. His accomplishements are remarkable. He never should of went to Barca he is made for Italian style futbal.

Anonymous said...

The e-book by Zlatan Ibrahimovic "I am Zlatan" is available at Amazon in is the link: