Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dark Horse Comics, the Conan contest and offer

Dark Horse Comics Publishing who I think publish great comics with great artists, they just came out with a new contest – they ask you to come in with a mind blowing artwork for a cover. If you win you will get it published in the book itself.

What is the price you get other than that?

A complimentary issue of the book and loosing all the copyright to the artwork. That sounds great huh? Yeah, right.

Why Dark Horse have to make such a badly paid price for a lot of hours of work is beyond me. Yes, the prestige to get published is great but a complimentary issue and loosing all the rights to your image? Nah, thats not right.

Why Dark Horse does this I dont get, but they are not the only one making these strange deals.

Why not Dark Horse instead said: "Non-Exclusive but with the right to publish, creator/illustrator retain all rights". Why do you have to take all the rights Dark Horse?

The way I suggest you will still be able to publish it, illustrator will be happy and no one feel stupid afterwards. Do it different and do it right. Do it so it feels good for both parties. Not only for you.

Other than that I love your artist connected to you and love the products you create and sell. Sad you do it this wrong way.

Good Luck!


Stefan Lindblad

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