Tuesday, January 10, 2012

With Bibble Pro and PSP - is Photo-Paint “programa non grata” in Corel Marketing? Will it get the Ventura treatment?

Corel purchased Bibble Labs Bibble Pro and made a version of Bibble Pro and now call it Corel Aftershot Pro. Should CorelDRAW graphics suite users who uses PHOTO-PAINT for photo editing rethink parts of their portfolio of programs now? Should they now have to buy PaintShop PRO?. Will Corel Photo-Paint die?

When you read newsletters, press releases and Corels own website, there is basically no mentioning of Photo-Paint. Why is it like this? Corel Ventura still excist in that you can buy it from Corel Store, but its an old version and there seem to be no upgrading of it anytime soon.

Will the same fate of Ventura happen to Corel Photo-Paint?

Here an example of the no-mentioning of Photo-Paint. Strange that a great program isnt even mentioned. http://www.corel.com/corel/pages/index.jsp?pgid=800682

In my wordl Corel PHOTO-PAINTE should be mentioned on Corels website under Image editing section of programs, next to Paint Shop Pro as well as Illustration, painting & web software, next to Corel Painter. But it isnt.

Corel bought Bibble Labs who make Bibble PRO. That is great news, but Jeff Stephens of Bibble Labs now Corel makes no mentioning ahout Corel Photo-Paint working with Bibble Pro/ Corel Aftershot. Why is that?

Press release from Jeff Stephens, Bibble Labs/Corel

I personally uses both Corel Photo-Paint and CorelDRAW in my daily work as illustrator and graphic designer. And cant understand the silence of a great program.

Bibble Pro/Corel Aftershot PRO isnt that pricey and neither is PaintShop Pro, both great programs in themselves. Bibble Pro/Corel Aftershot will benefit many users who still havent found it.

Hope they find Photo-Paint as well. After all I know people who buy Photoshop believing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite just came with CorelDRAW. Not even seeing Photo-Paint being installed. Kind of weird in itself because its viewable in Start/programs and so forth. But then its not even mentioned really by Corel so maybe its not so strange after all.

Are people geting paid not to mention Photo-Paint?

Stefan Lindblad

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