Friday, March 16, 2012

INYE, the IPAD contender from Nigeria Africa

Demand for the new Ipad in Africa is said to never been big. Apple have basically no precense in africa and Nigeria according to co-founder Saheed Adepoju of Encipher. But Africa like many other continents like the same products and possibilities as the rest of the world, of course. The Nigerian company ENCIPHER have therefore come up with a tablet of their own called INYE, in the local language meaning "First".


The Nigerian company Encipher have or will manufactured what seems a great product: a new tablet using Google Android as OS. A Apple Ipad contender for half price of the Apple Ipad. You can see a reportage about it and the co-founder himself Saheed Adepoju on CNN:

Read more about INYE and Encipher here

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