Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scanning CorelDRAW X6 64 bit a macro from SoftBotz Software Studio

Scanning CorelDRAW X6, using the 64 bit version a temporary glitch.
Are your trying to Scan via CorelDRAW X6, 64 bit version but cant? here is a must have macro from Softbotz for all who need to scan directly via CorelDRAW X6 64 bit, during the transition period till Corel have their own solution ready. Why do we wait for Corel? As I have written previously Scanner manufacturers like Canon dont supply a TWAIN or WIA driver for all their scanner models. They say they do, but they dont. Read more about this here

Now SoftBotz Software Studio, the quality Macro & program makers have come up with a solution for us - a Macro, User Control!

Read more about this great macro, and download this version from Softbotz Software Studio.

"So you bought the Greatest Graphic Program there is - CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, and you found out when you installed the 64-Bit Version you couldn't scan!"

Now, you will be able to scan using WIA in CorelDRAW X6 64 bit and Photo-Paint X6 64 bit, but while we wait a while for Corel to add it, here is a solution from Softbotz.

Like I have written previously in my blog, scanner manufacturers marketing their scanners false saying it has 64 bit Drivers, when seriously many of their new scanner models dont have 64 bit TWAIN drivers at all. And in my personal view have put all software makers using TWAIN and WIA in a somewhat strange situation.

To scan like you always done directly via CorelDRAW you need a solution that solve your problems till Corel have come up with their own solution later this year, possibly for the next service pack that is. Softbotz Software Studio who are avid CorelDRAW users have come up with a solution for CorelDRAW users during this transition period.

Do take a look, it might be the solution for you.

If you are using CorelDRAW X6 32 bit then you dont have to use this macro. Its ONLY for 64 bit users.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Graphic Designer

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