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Vladimir Krutov is dead but never forgotten in world of Ice Hockey

Vladimir Krutov will never be forgotten as a Ice Hockey player in Sweden. And neither will the others in the SUPER FIVE. Krutov was a member of the SUPER-FIVE in old Soviet Union ice-hockey team. CCCP could easily beat Sweden at the time 13-1. If Sweden at that time could hold on through the first and second half against the team CCCP, then Sweden had made a good game, and then Sweden would loose with 9-0 or 13-1 in the last third period. (Ice hockey is played best of three periods). As a young man in Sweden cheering on the swedish team it felt so devastating.

When the SUPER FIVE played it was the team for Soviet union of course and everything with Soviet Union politically was as bad as it ever can be. There was literally nothing I felt about soviet union that made me feel secure, it was just a mad world on the other side of the Baltic Ocean, and it was threatening. It was the time of the cold war. Swedish military number one enemy was Soviet Union.

But they had a fantastic ice-hockey team. They had the SUPER FIVE. And despite being a PR machine for communist soviet union, it was still a fantastic team, but they never looked happy to me. The day Soviet Union fell apart and was no more, and new Russia had to try to become somewhat more democratic, no other team from old soviet union, now basically Russia, have won games in such way year after year, game after game. When they had to compete on the same terms as the rest of the world, the SUPER FIVE with Krutov, Fetisov, Larionov, Kasatonov, Makarov had gotten older and new players came along and they too was bought by teams in NHL (USA & Canada). Just like Swedish national teams they had to relay on which players could be free to play in the world cup each year.

The way Barcelona play football today, with the same kind of players year after year, only adding one or two each season, the same was with the old soviet union ice hockey. Just ask how the USA team in Lake Placid in the early 80´s felt when they won. Or any team for that matter.

The same way Barcelona play, tic a tac, the same way but maybe even more dominating in a way, did the old Super Five soviet union team play. In Sweden it was called "Clap, Clap ice hockey".

The kind of ice hockey they played sometimes felt like from another world. It felt unreal in a way.

Then with the fall of Soviet Union and the fall of the SUPER FIVE, came Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, Lidström and the rest of the coming Swedes and suddenly Sweden could win a world cup.

Krutov passed away recently and is now buried in Chimk, Moscow, RUSSIA. And it came as a surprise to me that Russia of today and ever since the fall of soviet union basically had forgotten about Krutov. Krutov played a few years in the Swedish league and then aparently whent on to coach young ice hockey players.

Krutov, rest in peace.

Youtube clip, Swedish documentary

Stefan Lindblad

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