Saturday, July 21, 2012

I´m a creative, self employed - skydrive cloud please

I have Nokia Lumia 800 windows phone 7.5, and i use the app Skydrive on the phone and Skydrive on my laptop. This is all great for my work flow. Especially as I use them in conjunction with each other.

Yes i have Dropbox, but only on my laptop as currently the guys at don't supply a dropbox app for Windows phone 7.5, so therefore thank god for Skydrive from Microsoft. works great.

Therefore I was somewhat surprised reading today that a company like Apple seemingly so bad on Cloud services, according to this article on "The Register".

For me as an illustrator and graphic designer, and mobile such, its very important and common work flow these days with cloud services, so why isnt Apple equivalent better than its rumour. In any case I have my Skydrive and Dropbox combo and sometimes Yousendit so I am fine today.

I use Skydrive, Dropbox and Yousendit to transfer, share and send files to my clients and recieve files as well. Be it illustrations, graphic designs, signs, T-shirt design prints, book cover layouts or what have you.

Stefan Lindblad 
Illustration and graphic design

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