Thursday, July 19, 2012

What some media says about Nokia, untrue

What some media says in their reports, show to be wrong. Nokia sales better than expected, even double its sales figures. You would like media to write truthfully, we all know that's far always the case, and apparently not these days about Nokia smartphone sales either. 1 quarter sales was around 2 million units when quarter 2 was doubled to around 4 million units. Summer is probably slow, but if this momentum and interest is kept, then 6 or 8 million units sounds like a reasonable figure? I don't know, I am no economist. But its interesting all the same.

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I mention Nokia and Windows phone simply because I have a Nokia Lumia 800 windows phone 7 myself, black colour. And I really like the phone, and Media seem to down talk the phone, or rather down talk Nokia all the time, almost like they want the company Nokia to fail and file for bankruptcy, like some seem to do with Black Berry as well. I hope both Nokia and Blackberry survives and let all of us have to opportunity to choose different models and brands. Just imagine if all of use only used Iphone and Android phones. Pretty boring wouldn't it. I believe even Google and Apple would think so to after a while.

Currently the only app I miss out on for my Windows phone 7, Nokia Lumia 800 is a true Google Blogger blogg app. Blogger/Google have done an app for Android and Iphone users, so why the wait for the rest of us? There are other apps for blogging to blogger blogpost but I personally don't like them as I feel they are not quality apps for blogger users just yet. Nokia as a company by they way creates/delivers simply great apps for windows phone 7/7.5 on a fairly regular basis. Which is nice and so do Microsoft as well. As you probably understand tons of other companies do too, its just that darn Google Blogger app for windows phone I am waiting for now.
Here sharing some free add for Nokia a video add campaign they run with microsoft "Ben Rudolph smoked by windows phone". Its on me Nokia.

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